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The main purpose of the student view is to take quizzes in either practice mode or graded mode. At the top of the page, options are available for taking a quiz in one of the two modes, viewing statistics on past performance, changing the password, logging out, or getting help. Once the student logs in, he is directed to the home or information page. This page gives the student an overview of the available and taken quizzes (See Fig.1).

Fig.1: Student Home

Practice Exercises

To take a practice quiz, click on the "Practice Mode" tab on the top navigation bar. Next, select the specific exercise from the drop-down menu and click "Take Exercise" (See Fig.2).

Fig.2: Practice Mode
Selecting a Practice Quiz

A new page with the questions will appear (See Fig.3). The key at the top of the page shows what the symbols represent. To answer the question, simply enter the correct symbols into the field and click "#__ Submit" (depending on the question number). In practice mode, the student immediately receives feedback on whether the answer was correct. The student may change his/her answer and resubmit any number of times. The student may move on to a different question at any time by using the "Next"/"Previous" buttons at the bottom of the page.

Note: A student can do practice exercises multiple times.

Fig.3: Taking a Practice Quiz
Taking a Practice Quiz


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Taking a Graded Quiz

Taking a quiz in graded mode is similar to taking one in practice mode, except that no feedback is given (See Fig.5). A student can still navigate between the questions and answer them in any order desired.

Note: A student cannot return to a quiz. When a student starts the quiz, she must complete it. A student cannot take graded quizzes more than once.

Fig.5: Graded Mode
Selecting a Graded Quiz

When you're done with the quiz, review your answers to the quiz. You can also review your answers to the questions at any point during the quiz.

Fig.6: Taking a Graded Quiz
Taking a Graded Quiz

For your quiz to be considered "complete" after you have answered all the questions and reviewed your answers, you must select the "Submit Answers for Grading" button (See Fig.7).

Fig.7: Submitting Your Final Answers
Submitting the Answers


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The student can see his performance in class by clicking on "Statistics" tab in the top menu bar. (See Fig.8). On this page he can view his overall grade as well as his performance on individual quizzes.

Fig.8: Statistics

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